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A range of gorgeous NAME canvases for a nursery or child’s bedroom. All printed on quality canvas stretched on to a frame ready to hang straight up on the wall or door. These are fantastic for children that you cannot find their name in the shop anywhere!

Special offer- add a ABC poster for an extra $5 in your chosen theme 🙂

The name and design are customized to your needs. The themes and colours are all set as you see them. If you would like a theme NOT shown in any pics please contact us first, then select “other” if we are able to assist. Please note the COLOURS you would like to be used in the graffiti theme, any colour can be used for the font!

Themes available
Superheroes (avengers and marvel characters will be used)
Ninja Turtles
Minnie/Mickey red
Daisy/Minnie/Donald combo
Peppa Pig (Peppa and George mix)
Thomas the tank
Elephant pink or can have blue (as shown on the Isabella canvas)
Star wars (as shown on Michael and Hudson)
Lion (as shown on HUNTER)
Bridies (as shown on ISABELLA)
Princess (Chanel)
Disney Princess (Ruby) (Can only use letters shown in alphabet, however if you have duplicate letters, we have back up letters of each to ensure no double ups used 🙂

If you would like particular characters used please use box below to detail information
For superheroes, star wars & TMNT, the default is to use a mix of characters depending on how many letters in the name

Please leave your custom information (including the name for the canvas) in the box below

Please allow 3 weeks

Canvas prints come stretched on a frame ready to hang

Superhero/turtle designs- if you don’t specify the characters to be used, I will just use a mix
To pick up at LOLLIPOP markets on August 21st, use code lollipop at check out


Would you like to add an alphabet poster for $5?

Alphabet poster in either superheroes, princess or ninja turtles

Background colour? *

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10 x 30cm, 20 x 60cm, 20 x 70cm, 40x100cm


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